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CleanStar Energy Pvt. Ltd. 

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Transforming all kinds of wastelands into Energy Assets

| Green Mines --- Cost to Revenue Center | | Energy Parks --- End to End BioEnergy Value Chains |

Regenerative Agriculture 

CleanStar Energy’s solutions are built around the genetically superior Elite Pongamia saplings. These saplings are cloned from selected high yielding Pongamia varieties through a grafting process, and which drive the economics around biodiesel.


With yields that are almost three times that of an ordinary Pongamia tree, every Ha with 625 Elite Pongamia will yield from year 4 and by age 15, produce around 7 tons of biodiesel. And continue being productive till at least 60 years of age. 


CleanStar Energy works with the eminent scientist who has perfected the selection process and methodology. 


Mining companies can turn their mandatory environment compliance from a cost to a revenue centre.


Backfilled areas, post processing mining waste dumps of coal mines, overburden dumps of lignite mines, ash ponds/dykes of coal-fired power plants, copper tailings dumps---all can be turned to Energy Farms.


Mines can start small with 4 to 8Ha and keep increasing its footprint. Mines can benefit from carbon sequestration, better air quality, reduced pollution, and also earn from selling their pods to the biodiesel industry.


The potential exists across coal, copper, lignite and and iron ore mines.To learn more about how mining companies can set up such Green Mines, write to greenmine@cleanstar.in


State governments can transform pockets of small clusters of barren/fallow lands into organised and managed feedstock supply chains that facilitate local jobs and income.


A footprint of 200 acres can not only produce up to 2-ton of biodiesel every day but also become a self-sustaining ecosystem producing Bio-diesel, Bio-coal, Bio-CNG and Bio-fertilisers, allowing States to reduce their fuel import bill. 


CleanStar Energy will participate with the State government and individuals to establish such Energy Parks as organised and managed end-to-end bioenergy value chains thatinclude the energy farm as well as processing infrastructure. 


To learn more onhow governments can set up Energy Parks on wastelands, write to energypark@cleanstar.in