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CleanStar Energy Pvt. Ltd. 

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Genetically superior, Elite Pongamia underpins Energy Farming

|Bio-Diesel | Bio-Coal | Bio-CNG | Bio-Fertiliser | Carbon Sequestration | Nitrogen Fixation |

The species that thrive on arid and semi arid lands

Elite Pongamia are genetically superior varieties of Pongamia, which yield early and give higher yields compared to ordinary Pongamia trees. 


Pongamia is a non-edible tree based oilseed species that thrives on arid and semi arid regions, and hence best suited to change India’s biodiesel landscape. 


Pongamia is native to India, and due to its highly adaptable nature can be found across the length and breadth of India. In most of North India, it is known as Karanj or Karanja while in South India, it is known as Honge in Karnataka, Pongam in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Telengana.


Combining Elite Pongamia saplings with agroforestry methods and value chain model, India can produce biodiesel competitively and sustainably.

One Ha of Elite Pongamia Energy Farm can yield up to 7 tons of biodiesel.


The de-oiled cake can be converted to bio-gas and then to bio-CNG while the shell of the pod with a calorific value of 3,800 k/cal can be compacted into briquettes or bio-coal—as good as D grade fossil coal.



One Ha of 625 Elite Pongamia tree can sequester up to 30 Tons annually. An Energy Farm also becomes a Carbon Sink that can be offset against the carbon footprint of the State.


A legume, it also fixes Nitrogen in the soil, encouraging growth of microorganism in the soil, turning barren soil fertile over time.

Engaging farm labour in the planting, maintenance,yield management, harvest and post harvest activities of the Energy Farm forms a continuous activity, ensuring regular jobs and income.


Similarly, the need for support services such as storage and logistics opens up new avenues for local entrepreneurs and for semi skilled jobs.