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CleanStar Energy Pvt. Ltd. 

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CleanStar Energy promotes Energy Farming using Elite Pongamia on fallow/barren lands not suitable for food production and on mining wastes to produce bio-diesel and other energy derivatives such as bio-CNG and bio-coal. 


Using the agro forestry technique of growing trees with crops, Energy Farming enables more than just energy security. It enables carbon sequestration, increased food security, biodiversity, top-soil depths, medicine and fibre production.


We work with Corporates, State governments and Individuals to promote Energy Farming.

Our solutions are focused on transforming barren / fallow lands and other wastelands into organised and managed Energy Farms for biodiesel production.

Energy Farming

| Organised & Managed Energy Farms | Agroforestry Methods | Transforming Wastelands into Productive Green Energy Assets | 

We regenerate wastelands into national renewable energy assets